Tore is an award-winning drummer currently residing in Oslo, Norway. Originally from Trondheim, he cut his teeth on the records of Steely Dan and the Beatles before shifting his attention to jazz and related improvisational music. This led Tore to study at the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees in jazz performance from 2006-2012.


Tore is one of the leading drummers of his generation in Norway, and is well versed in a multitude of genres. He has been involved in a large number of projects in the jazz/impro vein, both as a leader and a co-leader. These include groups such as Mapping Oceans, Dag-Filip Roaldsnes Ensemble, Odd Steinar Albrigtsen Quintet, Speakeasy (nominated for Spellemannsprisen, the Norwegian Grammy in 2009), Aphrodisiac and Bergljot. He has worked with renowned artists and musicians such as Jens Carelius, Jan Vardøen (Autumn Fall - motion picture soundtrack), Nils Petter Molvær, Arrigo Cappelletti, Stein Bull-Hansen amongst others. His musical activities have seen him touring internationally, both as a leader and a sideman. In addition to performing live, Tore is a sought-after studio musician and has appeared on numerous recordings over the years (see discography for details). Tore also composes for many of his projects.


As a musician, Tore is known for his brilliant musicality and his ability to bring something of his own to the table, regardless of the setting. As well as being a drummer, he is a proficient guitarist, singer and pianist, and he is also a skilled producer and sound engineer. In addition to playing jazz, Tore has a rare sensibility for pop music, and a solid understanding of country and folk music. He is currently working on several different projects, the common denominator of which is music with a groove that breathes.

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